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An data recovery software for Android users that have lost, deleted or corrupted data

An data recovery software for Android users that have lost, deleted or corrupted data

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Program license: Trial version

Program by: iSkysoft

Version: 1.3.0

Works under: Windows


Program license

(87 votes)

Trial version

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Works under:


This is a file recovery app. It can help users deal with the problems created by files that have somehow become either corrupted or lost. It is known for being a great option for retrieving files that may have been accidentally deleted or lost on a variety of different devices. It can retrieve these files safely without created any threats to the device. It can retrieve files from not only a hard drive, but also from USB drives, memory cards, external disks, and other types of device or file storage tool.

It's surprisingly easy to recover data with iSkysoft Data Recovery that has been deleted by emptying a recycle bin. Of course, it's also possible to recover data that has been lost because of a virus issue. If a drive partition has been damaged so that the user has trouble receiving data, iSkysoft Data Recovery can likely recover any files or data that have been compromised.

The developer of this app is known as iSkysoft. The program is available in English, and the current version out there is version 1.3.0. The operating system this is ideal with is Windows 8. Again, it is currently a trial version. This is a popular recovery app and many users have already downloaded it and taken advantage of its capabilities.


  • Just about any possible file type can be recovered using iSkysoft Data Recovery.
  • The user can take advantage of four different modes of recovery to choose from.
  • There are a lot of updates and a lot of resources when it comes to support for the app.
  • There are many different types of storage hardware that this app is compatible with.


  • This is not free to use and is downloaded on a trial version basis.
  • When this app is used for recovery, it is unfortunately not possible to recover the original file names.
  • There is no guarantee that this app will be foolproof when it is used.
  • Some older Mac devices might not succeed with this app.